Aspirating Syringe Dental Instrument

If you’re a dentist, you’ve probably heard of the aspirating syringe dental instrument. It’s a small, handheld instrument that enables a dentist to inject a local anaesthetic. It can be a useful tool for dentists and is safe and ergonomic.


Ergonomic aspirating syringe dental equipment helps reduce stress for dental practitioners and patients. This tool features a plastic handpiece that is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce stress to the hands during injection. The syringe also allows for controlled flow rates to ensure patient safety.

Ergonomic aspirating sYRINGEs come in three different sizes. The Petite Aspirating Syringe is designed specifically for small hands, with a narrow thumb ring and shorter plunger length. The Standard Aspirating Syringe is designed with a standard length plunger, and it accepts 1.7/1.8 ml dental cartridges.


Using a safe aspirating syringe is important in dental practice. It helps to reduce the trauma of a dental procedure and the anxiety of the patient. This type of syringe is used to deliver local anaesthetics to a patient’s mouth.

Aspirating syringes have a stainless steel body and reusable or disposable needles. They are ergonomic and lightweight. The stainless steel barrel and needle are surgical grade. The syringe’s plunger is made of stainless steel and aluminum. The barrel contains an anaesthetic, which is injected through a carpule. The syringe has a removable thumb ring, which makes it easier to manipulate the syringe.

1.8 ml

Dental syringes are used to inject a local anesthetic. These syringes are designed with negative pressure to prevent the local anesthetic solution from depositing in a blood vessel. They are available in 1.8 ml capacity.

An aspirating syringe uses a needle and prefilled 1.8-ml anesthetic cartridge to inject local anesthesia. The syringe is also designed to aspirate blood if the needle is inserted into a blood vessel. This safety feature was developed to reduce the possibility of an intravascular injection. The syringe has a special barrel with a bung that opens at the plunger end. A dental aspirating syringe also has a finger grip and thumb ring to allow the dentist to aspirate the injection site.


The cost of an aspirating syringe is high and can be prohibitive for some dentists. However, with a little research and planning, it is possible to find a quality instrument for a reasonable price. One such instrument is the Osung. The Osung is a top-notch instrument that has a thumb ring, syringe handle, harpoon tip, and 1.8cc shift. Its high quality and superior stainless steel construction make it a favorite among dentists worldwide.

An aspirating syringe is used to place a small amount of anesthetic solution in the mouth. The needle is inserted until it touches the bone. The depth of penetration can vary, but usually five millimeters is enough. After this, 0.5 mL of anesthetic solution is slowly deposited.

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